At this moment I would consider myself a moderate MMA fan. I used to be in to it more but lately I haven’t been motivated to buy a PPV. I’ll watch the occasional UFC of FOX or a solid FS1 card but the UFC hasn’t really earned my money lately. That being said, if I’m picking sides and this is a boxing versus MMA thing, I’m on the MMA side. Boxing doesn’t have my trust.

That trust is one of the bigger reasons I won’t pay for this fight. If there is a person who honestly thinks Conor McGregor has a chance in this fight then they are just blindly rooting for McGregor. I’ve seen things like “but if Conor catches him he will go out.” That may very well be the case but Floyd Mayweather has made a career out of not being touched…by actual boxers! Now here is where the trust comes in to play. In the event that McGregor does win this fight, boxing has lost my trust so badly that I will not even take that result at face value. I will immediately assume something is up.

Another thing that bothers me about this fight is best summed up my a tweet by Tim Kennedy:


Before that tweet I hadn’t even considered if from that point of view. No matter whether McGregor wins or loses, this is a giant loss for the sport of MMA. You can make the case that it’s a good thing for MMA that it has been able to create a guy with so much star power that this fight is even possible but he had to switch sports to get paid. It’s not a good look for the sport.

I have two versions of how I think this fight will ultimately go. In both versions it has McGregor at the podium in the post fight press conference complaining that it wasn’t a real fight and that Mayweather ran from him all night. In one version, McGregor goes the distance and loses every round significantly. In the other version, McGregor gets so frustrated that he starts grabbing and trying to throw Mayweather around resulting in a disqualification. No matter what it’s going to be a disappointment for everyone except the two people who are getting paid.