From 1994 to maybe about 2002, I was an unabashed Dave Matthews Band fan. I saw them live a bunch of times, seeked out bootleg shows, had a drawer full of t-shirts and on and on. A few years after college my music tastes moved on from DMB and at this writing I probably haven’t put on a DMB album since 2003. They were an important band to me for 8 years and there are no regrets. Thankfully.

I say thankfully because in college I was debating getting a tattoo. I didn’t have anything in mind, I just thought I might like to get one. I’m a wuss about things like tattoos. I still don’t have one to this day. But back then the image that appealed to be the most was the Dave Matthews Band Firedancer. I had the sticker with the Firedancer on the back window of my Ford Contour, certainly I should have it on the back of my calf, right? I mean I was going to love that band forever! I was sure of it. Luckily for me though, I did not pull the trigger on it.

While driving around recently I saw a car that had a Firedancer sticker on it and I got to thinking about what it would have been like if I got that tattoo. Would I still be exactly the same person I am today? Would I just look at it today and be able to laugh at myself for making such a stupid tattoo choice? Would I look at it and appreciate it because it marked an epoch in my life? Would having a Dave Matthews Band logo permanently on my body psychologically prevented me from moving on from the band? Would my music taste still have evolved but I put on a charade for everyone that I’m still a huge fan so I’m not the butt of jokes whenever I wear shorts?

I still think about a getting a tattoo one day. Although I don’t know the exact design, I’m pretty sure it will be of R2-D2. I’ve been a Star Wars fan forever and now my kids are fans as well so I think it’s a “safe” choice at this point. I’m just glad that if I do end up getting it, that droid won’t have to be next to a Firedancer.