Every year, one of my friends and I go through the exercise of projecting the NCAA Tournament. Most years we are two or three teams off from who the selection committee puts in. This year, the bubble was as weak as I can ever remember it. Usually we are looking at eight teams for the final two spots in our field. This year it was pretty easy until deciding between two teams for our last spot.  Here are some overall thoughts on the bracket:

  • The team we had out was USC. We had Syracuse in the field instead but I’m not going to complain about it.
  • The committee didn’t seem to value conference tournament championships as much as we thought. We had Michigan at a 6 after winning the Big Ten, Iowa State as a 4 after winning the Big 12 and Arizona getting the 1 after winning the Pac 12. All three were a seed lower than we thought.
  • I champion for mid-major programs but the groundswell of criticism for the seeds teams like Wichita State, VCU and Middle Tennessee State was unfounded. I admit that those are good teams and fun to watch but their full season resumes did not warrant any higher seed than they got.
  • All in all I thought it was the best job the committee has done in a while