I was a fan of the show 24 pretty much from the beginning. I started with it because of the interesting real-time concept but I stayed with it because of Jack Bauer. When it ended I wasn’t sad though. I mean, how many times can a guy save the world in one 24 hour span?  The show had run its course.

24 was far from a perfect show. You could argue that it was almost too formulaic. You could always count on a mole in CTU, a seemingly normal person or family with a nefarious plan to harm America, a President or a President’s aide or family member somehow being involved on the wrong side of a conspiracy and of course a few macguffins along the way.

Jack Bauer was 24. He could saw people’s heads off, shooting his boss as a sacrifice he would kidnap people and break in to government buildings with seemingly little to no regret. Somehow between the average writing and Kiefer Sutherland’s performance they made it so you always just gave Jack a pass no matter how awful or immoral his actions were.

When I heard they were bringing back 24 without Jack I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t bother watching it. If they changed the show from 24 to Bauer half way through it’s run I would not have blinked an eye. You can’t have 24 without Jack, right? It wouldn’t be the same. FOX was going to try though. I started feeling bad for Corey Hawkins. It’s a great gig for him but Jack Bauer’s character casts a long shadow. He’s not going be just judged on his performance, his Eric Carter character is always going to be compared to Jack.

With only a few days before 24: Legacy I thought back to why I watched 24 in the first place. I thought the concept was interesting. Do I still think the concept is interesting? Yes. And It’s coming from the same team as the original 24 so it seemed unfair of me to not at least give it chance. After two episodes, I’m in. It’s still not a perfect show and Eric Carter is no Jack Bauer but he’s super competent and already by episode two he’s breaking in to a police station evidence locker by getting himself arrested and strapping bombs to cops. It’s that type of craziness that made the original so much fun to watch and barring a dramatic turn to being awful, I’m in for the whole season.