Hidden in my Twitter feed between the endless political tweets, I’ve started coming across the lineup announcements for this summer’s big music festivals.

My festival of choice is the Newport Folk Festival. I went for the first time in 2008, then took a kid hiatus in 2009 and 2010, but have gone back every year since. A few years ago the Newport Folk Festival started rolling out their lineup one artist at a time over the course of a few months. The first year I wasn’t sure how to feel about it since my desire for instant gratification kicks in and I just wanted to know everyone who is going to be there all at once. A great thing happened a few announcements into their first rolling lineup announcements though, I got a chance to listen to every artist who is going to be playing. There is something to be said for having roughly 48 hours to spend on an artist you’ve never really heard before. If I’m looking at a giant poster with every artist playing a festival, I might just hone in one a couple. If I start trying to figure out which of those lesser known artists to pay attention to, I don’t know if I would even know where to start. With the Newport Folk Festival, they announce that one artist and I’m on Spotify listening to them within minutes.

The rolling line up announcements have also had another impact my future attendance to the Newport Folk Festival. I already plan on going every year for the rest of my life but if there is a year I have to miss, it will literally destroy half my year. For example, I love New Orleans Jazz Fest but for all intents and purposes its lineup announcement day and the two weekends of music. Missing that is not hard to cope with. Now if I know I’m missing the Newport Folk Festival, it would be a punch in the face almost every day for like five months as the lineup rolls out.

The timing of this post is due to the fact that this is right around the time Newport starts their announcements. For the last few years fans have been doing Newport Folk Festival Bingo Cards trying to speculate on who is going to be there. This year the festival got involved and gave us a template and some potential prizes for the best prognosticators.  It’s another fun thing that the rolling lineup allows you to do. Here is my bingo card which I submitted on Friday: