I’m just kidding.  I’ve only listened to two 2017 releases so far and it turns out that I like Foxygen’s Hang more than I liked The xx’s I See You.  I’ve dabbled in Foxygen before and have their 2013 release We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic on my iPod and liked it and still revisit it from time to time.  I skipped their follow-up …And Star Power because the first time I listen to a new album I like to try do it in one sitting. Trying to find time to sit through those 24 tracks seemed too daunting at the time.

I read a little bit about Hang prior to my first listen. With the band’s reputation for drugs and frequently breaking up, hearing that they recorded with a 40 piece orchestra concerned me a little.  I thought it had potential to come off like Dewey Cox trying to create his masterpiece.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

But it does not. For all the reasons the album shouldn’t work, it does. It is big and theatrical and perfectly tongue-in-cheek. This is going to me in my heavy rotation for quite a while.