I have two boys who are six and four.  My six year old has started losing his teeth.  He lost his first two teeth with little to no issues.  His third one though has been hanging by a thread since New Years and he refuses to let me or his mother pull it.

When it first got really loose I was threatening to pull it when he wasn’t expecting it.  Needless to say, he did not trust me around him for a few days.  Skip ahead to a week ago, my wife was out for the night so I had to brush his teeth.  Being that he avoids anything going near that tooth all day, by the end of the night there is a build up of something we lovingly started calling “gunk.”  So one night I promised him that I won’t pull his tooth but he had to let me brush his teeth and get the “gunk” from around his loose tooth.  With the deftness of a surgeon I brush his teeth and carefully remove the “gunk” without his tooth coming out.

After that, he tells me he now trusts me again and knows I won’t pull his tooth out without him saying okay.  Him telling me he trusted me again was oddly affecting. Each day since, I’m the only one he lets brush his teeth and remove the “gunk” at night. I can’t bring myself to “accidentally” knock the tooth out with the toothbrush because he trusts me again.

The tooth needs to come out though and I’m only giving it a few more days before I go the other way by dressing up like a fairy and getting it out when he sleeps.